My apt and my day trip to Indy summarized.

One of many ironies in my life: the inside wiring in my apt is fucked. So I have to get coffee or go to school to use internet.

I used to dispatch inside wiring techs. But I have to call my landlord to get this fixed.

Yep I live in Indiana now

"We had a babysitting co-op"
“….it’s not like we had a charter”
“Ryan, Kaitlin was raised by hippies”

Now my dad is looking for Phish songs on his phone

So apparently NBC’s The Night Shift wants you to believe there’s one emergency room in San Antonio TX.

Yeah there’s one emergency room in the 7th largest city in the US.

It’s not like when I was hit by a car at 9pm we discussed with the EMT which emergency room was best.

It’s not like there’s a medical school in San Antonio.

It’s not like there’s Brooke Army Medical Center.

It takes 1 minute to google San Antonio & Hospital to figure out there are MANY hospitals in San Antonio.

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Calling trans women men/male is never radical. It is common, pathetic, violent, and cruel.

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”(…) y entonces nos floreció la rabia”


”(…) y entonces nos floreció la rabia”


Mikayala Rose and family
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Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count.
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yea she’s cute but is she anti-capitalist?

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